Aunties WhatsApp Numbers in Pakistan for Friendship and Relationship

Aunties WhatsApp Numbers

If you are interested in aunties and came here to find real Aunties WhatsApp Numbers in Pakistan, you have come on the right place. Today I will be sharing real 300 plus aunties numbers that are from Pakistan. These aunties are so beautiful and still young. For one reason or other they are looking for cute boys from any part of Pakistan.

The aunties number that are to be mentioned in today’s list are in their early and late thirties. They are still young and want to start a relationship with their dream boys. I’ll be sharing their profiles along with numbers. So if want to chat with these aunties and have fun you are just minutes away.

If this is your first time approaching any aunty, don’t worry I’ll be asko telling you how you can you impress these aunties online. All you need is just to have accounts on social media like WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook. I will share their other profiles as well.

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So let’s get started with Aunties WhatsApp Numbers in Pakistan so that you can start the chat shortly. Before I provide you the numbers I’ll share some of the profiles and message of these aunties they have submitted on our website.

Pakistani Aunties for Friendship and Relationship

Aasma Ali

Whatsapp Number: +92-3355585040

Hello every one my name’s is Aasma and I am from Sind I’m 36 years and old and single I’m looking for a good men who can make me happy I’m currently doing job in sales in Karachi. I’m sharing my number on so that I can get my dream man and start a healthy relationship.

If you interested please contact me on my number or on Facebook, I’ve shared my details with admin and hopeful hell share my number.

Aayesha Noor

Whatsapp Number: +92-3555313094

Hello this is Aayesha from Lahore, Punjab. I’m 33 years. I’m looking for cute boys to chat. I feel alone some times and I really need some one to talk to. Especially at the night time I feel alone and want to have fun with a cute boy. I’m sharing my number on and I hope I’ll get my partner real soon.

If you are interested please contact me through my WhatsApp number. I’m always available to chat. But try to text at night cause it’s always good to talk at night time.

Noor Anwar

Whatsapp Number: +92-3555959141

My name is Noor and I’m from Lahore, I’m 34 years and old and single. I’ve tried many websites and uploaded my number but can’t find any one who can match my level.

I’m sharing my number on in the list Pakistan Aunties WhatsApp Numbers so that I can find a man of my level. If you are interested and want to have chat with my contact me on number or on my Instagram account.
Admin please approve my request so that I can find my real life partner any time soon.

Muqadas Ali

Whatsapp Number: +92-3455541950

My name is Muqadas and I’m from Karachi. I’m 32 years old and looking for a boy to chat. If I like you, I’m ready to start a relationship. You can contact me on my WhatsApp number that will be on this website called

One my friend has suggested me this website and she has got her first boyfriend from this website. I hope I’ll too get my dream boy here. Please feel free to ask any question and come inbox.

Maya Hayder

Whatsapp Number: +92-3255566803

If you want have fun chatting with me then contact me on my number that I’m sharing on this website. I’m always available to have fun and dirty chatting. I’m 30 years old and ready to chat with any one.
If you too feel alone and want to have some fun. Come inbox and let’s have some real fun. I’m from Punjab and looking for some one who can chat with me. You’ll get me number in the list Pakistani Aunties WhatsApp Numbers. I’m not an aunty but just to get a boys to chat I’m sharing my number in this list.

Shagufta Gul

Whatsapp Number: +92-3257685432

Hello friends, my name is Shagufta and I’m from Faisalabad. I’m 36 years old and I’m looking for a man who can make me happy and understand me. If you are serious to get into relationship then contact with me on my number. I am uploading my number here on this website.

Only serious men should approach me. I don’t want to wast my time so please don’t start the chat if you have no intention of long term relationship.

How to Contact with Pakistani Aunties on WhatsApp

So I’ve shared the some of the profiles of aunties which are to be listed down below as Aunties WhatsApp Numbers in Pakistan. All of these aunties are searching for partners. Many of the users have already got their life partners from our website and now it’s your turn.

As by now you are familiar with the aunties. Now it’s time to give you the numbers that you have been waiting for. You can easily contact these aunties on WhatsApp. Here it how it works.

Simple save the numbers that are given down blow and then open your WhatsApp and search for the names you just saved the numbers with. And start the conversation. You can also contact them on Facebook and Telegram. The account details are given in the list Aunties WhatsApp Numbers in Pakistan.


Today we have shared Aunties WhatsApp Numbers in Pakistan. You can pickup the numbers for the list and star the conversation right now.

If you liked this article please let us know in the comments. We will share other numbers of this girls. For now you can check our other articles on this website providing free numbers of girls and aunties.

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