Malayalam Aunty Numbers for Friendship Chat and Relationship

Malayalam Aunty Numbers

Some of men and boys like aunties more than girls and if you are one of those men who loves aunties more than girls. I have brought a perfect gift for you and that is Malayalam Aunty Numbers.

If you are looking for Malayan speaking aunties in Kerala then you are at the perfect place. Today in this article you’ll get tons of Malayalam Aunties Numbers that are hundred percent active on WhatsApp. These aunties are looking for good boys to chat on WhatsApp and video calls for fun.


Malayalam aunties are very young and beautiful, certainly these aunties are considered most beautiful in whole Kerala. So if you want to have fun with these aunties on calls or on chat then here are the numbers of these aunties. You can either call these aunties or text them.

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Before we jump the list to Malayalam Aunty Numbers it’s really important for you to know about Malayalam and the aunties living there. After all you are going to talk to them for fun so you must know them first. So let’s get started with Malayalam.

What You Need to Know about Malayalam


Malayalam is a sweet language spoke in Kerala in India it has a Regional language status in Kerala. And it is considered one of the sweetest and oldest spoken language in India. Malayalam is a traditional language of Kerala people in India and other than Kerala it is also practiced in different parts of India.

These aunties which are mentioned below in the list of Malayalam Aunty Numbers are well spoken of Malayalam language. So when you call these aunties speaks with them in Malayalam to have more fun.
The aunties while submitting their numbers have requested us that only Malayalam speaking boys should contact and call them. So if you are from India and speak Malayalam then just grab the numbers and start the chat right now.

Malayalam Aunties for Relationship


If you are a Malayalam speaking men and want to have relationship with a Malayalam Aunty then this portion if for you.

These Malayalam aunties have requested our website to submit their numbers in the list Malayalam Aunty Numbers. So that they can get their partners as soon as possible.

So if you are interested in aunties around Kerala who speaks Malayalam then grab the numbers from the list down below and start the chat right now.

All the aunties which are mentioned in the list are from Kerala and they speak Malayalam. These aunties are either divorced or not married yet. Some of the aunties are married but yet they want to talk to boys for fun.

All of them are looking for their partners online. Text then or call them as soon as possible, before some one else get them. Once they get their partners we remove their numbers from the list.

Malayalam Aunties for Fun Chatting and Time Pass


If you are some one who is not serious to get into relationship, but want to talk to aunties for fun and time pass then here are the numbers for you.

A complete list of Malayalam aunties, who want to have fun with you has been given in this portion. Just grab some numbers and start the chat right now.

You will get instant replies once you text these aunties. You can call them directly but chances are that they may not answer your phone if they would be busy.

Malayalam aunties which are mentioned in Malayalam Aunty Numbers are waiting for you to text them so that they can have fun talking to you on video calls.

If you played your texting game well and impressed these aunties. You’ll soon be asked for an online date. Or even a actually date. So no more waiting start the chat right now and have fun.

Read the Rules Before Contacting Malayalam Aunties


To maintain the boundaries of respect we have certain rules that you must have to follow in order to avoid any misbehave. So here are some rules which you have to follow before contacting these beautiful Malayalam aunties.

  • We have divided the portions for you. If you want to have relationship with Malayalam aunties contact only those aunties which are in that portion.
  • Do not call the aunties directly without asking for their permission.
  • Do not send any dirty pictures or videos at the start of chat. Once you build the bond then you can send and receive everything.
  • Use only WhatsApp to contact these aunties other wise you’ll not get any response any where else.
  • Make sure to read the complete article before jumping to the final list of Malayalam Aunty Numbers.

So these are the rules that all of you have to follow while contacting beautiful young Malayalam aunties in Kerala India.

Share Your Number With Us

If you want to talk to more girls and aunties without making any effort than put your numbers in the comments sections down below. So that the girls and aunties who visit our website would contact you.
In this way you’ll get tons of calls and messages every day from girls and aunties. So start having fun by sharing your number with us.



If you want to talk to Malayalam Aunty Numbers then this article will give you more than 100 numbers. So grab the numbers from the list that has been shared in the article and start having fun now.

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  • Note that some of the numbers are collected from various sources on the internet, therefore some of the numbers might not be active.

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