Pakistani Aunties WhatsApp Numbers for Chatting and Friendship

Pakistani Aunties WhatsApp Numbers

Hello friends, do you want to chat with beautiful Pakistani Aunties but don’t have their numbers, don’t worry today I’ve got free Pakistani Aunties WhatsApp Numbers that are hundred percent real and authentic.

Aunties are not only experienced in everything but they are rich as well. So if you’ll mingle with them they will love and give you pocket money as well. These aunties look for cute boys to have friendship and fun with them. So today I’ve got Pakistani Aunties WhatsApp Numbers. These Aunties that I’m going to list in the end are very friendly and searching for their love online who can make tem happy.

Along with the numbers I’ll also share some tips that surely work to impress Pakistani aunties. If you want to talk to these beautiful aunties stick with us. Before concluding to the list I’ll let you know some basis introduction of these aunties. While submitting their numbers on our website they have submitted some instructions. I’ll share these instructions with you as well. So let’s start the topic.

Pakistani Aunties for Friendship

The aunties that I’m going to mention in the end of this post have submitted their numbers on our website pakiwelz with consent and they are search for the boys and men who can make them happy. Some of these aunties are from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Don’t worry if you are not from these Cities, they will still talk to you and if they find you attractive they will surely come to you.

Pakistani aunties are not doubt the most beautiful women in the world. The best thing about these aunties are that they don’t need rich boys, they are already rich having lots of money. If you’ll make them happy they will provide you compensation as well. But there are some things that you have to learn or start doing if you really want to talk to these aunties and impress them. I’ll also teach you these basic things that are must to have before talking to the aunties mentioned in the list Pakistani Aunties WhatsApp Numbers.

Along with the numbers I’ve also uploaded their profile pictures as well. So that you don’t feel any difficulty to chose your favorite aunty. These aunties are eagerly looking for cute boys especially boys that are in there prime. So let’s get start to talk to Pakistan aunties. Here comes the harder part. On your behalf I’ve provided you numbers but it’s not that much easy to impress Pakistani Aunties WhatsApp Numbers aunties.

Pakistani Aunties Instructions

Every one has their own likes and dislikes similarly Pakistan aunties who have submitted their numbers have submitted some instructions explaining what kind of boys can contact them. Along with that they gave strongly prohibited the guys who are not strong and manly. If you can not make these aunties happy don’t contact them. So here are the instructions submitted by aunties in today’s list Pakistani Aunties WhatsApp Numbers.
Boys are who are not outgoing should not contain us

Boys who have strict and family and are always obedient to their families should not contact us.
Boys who are not physically strong should not contact us.

Boys who are not serious for long term friendship should not contact us.
These were some instructions that were submitted by the aunties. I’m sure if you are here and looking for aunties you can’t have these things for sure. Keep in mind if you have any of these things there is no need to tell these aunties. Make them feel that you are the boy that they are looking for. With that it comes some tips that you must use to impress Pakistani aunties.

How to text Pakistani aunties on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a great source of communication that connect you with your friends and family it’s both secure and reliable. Meaning your conversation will not be stolen or learn unless you share with any one. All the aunties in Pakistan Aunties WhatsApp Numbers are using WhatsApp and thy have active status 24/7. So it’s a great opportunity for single boys to mingle with aunties.

I’m going to share some pro level tips that I’ve personally used on aunties, and trust me they begged me for a meetup. So let’s get to know these tips if you really want the same. These are very simple to apply. I will not elaborate these tips in details, I can expect you to have some basic idea at least.
It’s more like a suggestion rather than a tip always select more than five aunties when you are taking number from any list. Because if you’ll only send one aunty and wait a whole day for her reply, chances are that you might not get reply.

Always tell that that you are the boy they are looking for. And for that if you have to lei, lie. But aunties love manliness and strong boys. So even if you are not the one, fake it till you make it.
Get to the goal. Your aim is to mingle with them, so be concise and on the point. Don’t drag them too long. Get to the point and bang!

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These were some basic tips that you must keep in mind if you have to impress Pakistani aunties especially aunties that I’m going to mention Pakistani Aunties WhatsApp Numbers down below.

Name: Sadia

Whatsapp Number: +92-3155587763

Name: Uzma

Whatsapp Number: +92-3455583674

Name: Zoya

Whatsapp Number: +92-3055586668

Name: Sumaira

Whatsapp Number: +92-3255553101

Name: Rukhsana

Whatsapp Number: +92-3355559755

Name: Faiza

Whatsapp Number: +92-3455541950

Name: Maheen

Whatsapp Number: +92-3555959141

Name: Mehwish

Whatsapp Number: +92-3555313094

Name: Nazia

Whatsapp Number: +92-3355585040


Finally the wait is over due to the length of the article I cant share the methods to find more real aunties numbers. But you can check our this article to find more reliable sources to find real numbers.
This was all about today’s topic Pakistani Aunties WhatsApp Numbers. A complete list of Pakistani aunties is given down below with all necessary information. Just go and grab them.
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